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5 Prédicas en el desierto | 2006/11/23

Fluidage - Keeps Fallin' demo

Style = Doom

Glasspack - Bridgeburner

Style = Stoner / Psych

V. A.- High Volume - High Times Records

Style = Stoner Compilation

V. A. - In The Groove

Style = Stoner Compilation

V. A. - Information Stoner Highway

I don't find the artwork of this album, sorry

Style = Stoner and Doom Compilation

V. A. - Suckin The 70's II - Back In The Saddle Again (thanks r838at!!)

Download CD 1

Download CD 2
Style = Stoner compilation

Quería compilaciones fuckers? pues ahi tienen para hartarse. Algunas carátulas parecen de disco de reggaeton....

** Actualización ** gracias a r838at!! ahora tienen para bajar la segunda parte del compilatorio stoner de covers setenteros "Sucking the 70's"

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5 Prédicas:

Anonymous r838at vociferó...

Suckin' the 70s II 2006 128kb
sucking the 70's ii- back in the saddle again cd1 2006
sucking the 70's ii- back in the saddle again cd2 2006

9:21 a. m.

Anonymous r838at vociferó...

01 Sasquatch “Are You Ready”
02 Puny Human “Crazy Horses”
03 Clutch & Five Horse Johnson “Red Hot Mama”
04 Dixie Witch “Rock Candy”
05 The Brought Low “Don’t Lie To Me”
06 Novadriver “Sin City”
07 Colour Haze “One Way Or Another”
08 Alabama Thunderpussy “Man On The Silver Mountain”
09 Dozer “Mongoloid”
10 Acid King “The Stake”
11 Halfway To Gone “Honky Cat”
12 Antler “Those Shoes”
13 Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) “Outlaw Man”
14 Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned “Season Of The Witch”
15 Whitey Morgan and The Waycross Georgia Farmboys “Running With The Devil”
01 Throttlerod “I Just Wanna Make Love To You”
02 Red Giant “Saturday Night Special”
03 A Thousand Knives Of Fire “Bonie Maronie”
04 The Glasspack “Rock n Roll Singer”
05 Roadsaw “When The Levee Breaks”
06 Greatdayforup “Super Stupid”
07 Fireball Ministry “Turn to Stone”
08 Los Natas “Born To Be Wild”
09 Scott Reeder “Two Of Us”
10 Orange Goblin “New Rose”
11 Mos Generator “Garden Road”
12 Honky “Snortin’ Whiskey”
13 The Muggs “I Don’t Need No Doctor”
14 Amplified Heat “Neighbor, Neighbor”
15 RPG “Parchment Farm”
16 Valis “Dreamweaver”

9:25 a. m.

Blogger Crew Koos vociferó...

Porque no andan los links para este compilacion ????
que lastima

pero que increible blog, muchas gracias

Y lo siento para el espanol pero no lo hablo muy bien

Crewkoos de Francia

11:21 a. m.

Anonymous Anónimo vociferó...

Please upload "Suckin The 70's II - Back In The Saddle Again" again!!!!

5:26 a. m.

Anonymous Anónimo vociferó...

VAMO ESE Suckin The 70's II - Back In The Saddle Again !!!!!


10:41 a. m.


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